What is a BiblePub sponsor?

A BiblePub sponsor is someone who has made it possible for BiblePub to provide a service to users for free that BiblePub cannot provide without the sponsors support. The support from the sponsor can be monetary or in a form of a service.

How to become a sponsor?

We are grateful for every form of support we receive. May it be from a thank you note and all the way to a donation. For individuals that would like to donate to BiblePub so that we may continue our work you can use our donate page. We however have reserved the sponsor page for individuals or companies that make a significant contribution to BiblePub. Please know that our mission is to spread the Word of the Lord and that we look for sponsors that have the Lord in their heart and daily lives.


Becoming a BiblePub sponsor is rewarding because you are helping advance the Word of the Lord.

Making available resource to users that without your support would not be available.

Supporting a website that has a mission to bring the Word of the Lord to everyone.

Brand recognition for you or your business if you wish to have it displayed on the sponsors page.
Your logo can be clickable for anyone who would like to visit your website.